Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Client A

A is here to be a part of the challenge but most of all to feel Great and have increased self confidence.

A is going to loss fat, reduce stress while increasing flexibility, health, nutrition, muscle strength and how she feels.

While not avoiding the gym, binge eating, negative self talk; she is going to be happy and confident with her body - both physically and mentally.

4 weeks goals are:

Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day
Not put overtime in at the office if not really needed
Cut the negative self talk

8 weeks goals are:

Eating a clean diet
Working out on a consistent basis - min 3x/wk weights and 5x/wk cardio
No drinking

Also, A is definitely going to get more sleep but as discussed flexibility is a huge issue with her. She really needs to work on this!

Let's support her in her weeks to come as she makes the rest of her life the best of her life! And this is so...

Thanks and please add suporting comments as a post or email me.

Brenda and Rod

Client M

M has come to Spirit Fitness from www.gymbum.com Welcome to the rest of your life being the Best of your life, M.

M would like to join our challenge and have a support team along the way.

M is going to decrease stress and fat and risk of disease through improved health, nutrition and muscle strength and cardio.
M's 4 weeks goals are:

I would like to change the shape of my legs.
I want to understand how nutrition helps my body ie. to prevent muscle loss
I want to be more efficient with my work-outs ie. get the most bang out of the work-out buck, so to speak.

her 8 weeks goals are:

I would like to see more muscle definition and less of the fat.
I would like to see some shrinkage of the mid-section.
I would like to have continued energy & improved moods.

As we watch M improve her moods and decrease stress, we would love for you to post encouraging words below.

Thanks for helping and hope you join soon,

Brenda and Rod Coulter


Shannon, as some of you may recognize, is a mother of 4 with a great supporting Husband. Shannon competed in Hollywood this past November and is looking, again, at competing in the FAME May 2007 in Fitness Model.
For this show, Shannon would like to gain more muscle mass and decrease her current body fat while increasing muscular strength.
Shannon's problematic behaviours are 'staying away from sugar'. We know how that feels!!
Shannon's 4 weeks goals are:
fix up my diet, eat cleaner
strength train 3x week
cardio 3-4x week

Shannon's 8 weeks goals are:
Run hills/stairs as many times my trainer thinks I need to
Working super hard on my posing and stage presence
Lift heavy shoulders, arms and back 3x a week

Shannon would also like to accomplish being in bed by 9pm!
Best of enjoyment to Shannon for everyday of her life.

Please send positive and supportive comments on the post below.

Contact Rod and Brenda for Sponsoring an athlete and more info.
Thanks and hope to see you on here!

Brenda and Rod Coulter


Jamie has come to Spirit Fitness with goals of competing in the FAME Prairies May 2007. Jamie, too, is a mother and wife to a loving family. Jamie says:

Why am I training to be a fitness competitor?
* because I haven't set a goal for myself since High School
* because I want to test my body to see what it is capable of
* because I want to get ripped! (smile)
* because I want to feel the feeling of accomplishment
* because I want to feel proud of myself for pulling it all off
* because I want to inspire others to do the same for themselves
* because I want to be more than just a mom - even though there is nothing more important!

Jamie is 15 weeks away from Stage and as I know, competitors love a lot of support. Please feel free to email me to support Jamie or add a positive comment on the bottom of this post.
Brenda and Rod


sponsorship is welcomed: contact Brenda for more info.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Sarah is a young spunk, full of vibes! Sarah came to the gym with her brother on a recommendation to talk to me. That day I was busy training another client and all of us trainers were looking at each other 'do you know them? Are they here for you?' I was just going to go over to talk to them when they were approached by another trainer. They said they were here to see 'Brenda', left their name and number for me. I was immediately informed they were there for me and so I ran out after them into their vehicle to stop them as I remembered who they were! It was funny that day! From that day, Sarah was part of the gang. I remember she pulled a joke on me the first day we were to train together and she saw my face on the comment and almost died because she thought 'oh no, I don't know the girl and now she is mad at me' I wasn't - I stopped to think about what she said and cracked up laughing....instant connection!
Sarah would like to get toned, increase flexibility, decrease stress, decrease risk of disease, and increase her overall health. Sarah would like to see herself happier and enjoys how fitness effects her moods and social life in a positive way and loves the life support she gets from having a trainer/friend. As for problematic behaviours that she must take action against or stop she says "increase her sleeping time, focus on a routine, and to eat healthier. Balancing time is what can get in her way of achieving these goals so she is choosing to shop less and work on time management in order to be successful with these goals. In April, Sarah is off to Mexico, where a cousin is getting married, so she would like to feel better and not tire as fast by then.

Sarah's 4 weeks goals:

Eat better
Sleep better
Develop a schedule and stick to it

Sarah's 8 weeks goals:

Continuing her schedule.
Faster muscle reactions in her Martial Arts techniques and training.
Be on Time.

Let's watch Sarah succeed and enjoy.

for encouraging words to Sarah email me at brenda@spiritfitness.ca or comment on a post.

Sponsor an athlete - info via brenda@spiritfitness.ca

Thanks again,
Brenda and Rod


Here is Kelly.

Kelly too, is a wonderful Mother and Wife and Full time worker. Kelly is a sister of Susan's and together they are helping each other in the success towards their personal goals.

Kelly would like to lose fat, improve cardio fitness,gain muscle size, enhance health, improve diet and increase muscle strength.
Kelly's possible problematic behaviours are to have better eating and exercise habits and not give in to food cravings. For Kelly, her obstacle are: Myself and lack of self control with bad food choices. I quit smoking 27 months ago and have been struggling with my metabolism since. I was training for a 1/2 marathon last Jan and Feb and was likely not eating enough for calories and put myself into starvation mode, I have been struggling with trying to lose weight and keep it off when my body seems to want to keep the excess. I also tore my right MCL and had a fracture on the joint surface of my right knee (I did physio for 6 months at U of C sports med clinic), so this is another obstacle that I have been struggling with as I still experience knee pain.

Kelly' 4 week goals are:

Lose 5 lbs
Never miss a workout
Maintain fitness oriented eating habits.

Kelly's 8 week goals are:

Lose 10 lbs
Never miss a workout
Maintain fitness oriented eating habits.

In addition, Kelly would like to have more energy so she is more productive and efficient.

Good fun to her...email Kelly at brenda@spiritfitness.ca or add a positive post at the bottom.

sponsor an athlete: contact brenda@spiritfitness.ca for info and options.

Brenda and Rod

Before and After's continue

We are here first off with our eager participant; Susan. Susan is a Mother of two, Wife and Full time worker downtown and is currently on the rise to capture a spot on the stage at FAME Calgary in May 2007. Susan came to Spirit Fitness looking to get 'that extra' bit of weight off in order to get into the best shape of her life. Susan started with us in January and at that point, had already succeeded at losing 25 pounds! Now, 15 weeks out from the FAME show in May.

Here are Susan's goals:
Lose Fat
Gain Muscle Size
Reduce Pain
Increase Muscle Strength

Susan feels her problematic behaviours that have hindered her in the past are that she must be 100% committed to proper nutrition (rather than about 80%). Her obstacles are eating on the weekends with foods that are not nutritional. Susan's 3 concrete goals for the next 4 weeks are:

Learn more about competing
Follow workout plan 100% of the time
Follow nutrition plan 100% of the time

The next 8 weeks goals:

Reduce body fat level to acceptable for competition
add muscle in necessary areas
Be well on the way to mastering posing and routine

In addition to all these fantastic goals, Susan would like to find the right balance in nutrition and supplements to ensure no joint/back pain.

Best of enjoyment to Susan.

Email brenda@spiritfitness.ca to send good energy to Susan.

Sponsor an athlete - contact brenda@spiritfitness.ca


Spirit Fitness has asked clients to participate in Before and After shoots, along with their goals, and monthly check ins tracking. On my Blog you will get to see the photos, notes and goals of these amazing people fulfilling their health and fitness goals. Pleaase, do feel free to encourage our participants and participate yourself! It's all about you and your personal Goals. Taking this first step and having our Team of 'Helpers' to guide you along the road with a great support Team from fellow participants.
Check out Spirit Fitness first client on the move:
(some have asked that their full names not be announced)

Leigh is a mother of 2 Beautiful kids aged 6 and 2. Currently her Husband is still away in Switzerland; Leigh is a 'single-Mom' for a few more months. Leigh came to Spirit Fitness looking to get Fit and possibly compete in Fitness Modeling in the near future. Leigh's goals are:
4 weeks:

gain muscle mass
focus on eating enough good foods
getting kids in bed on time and having free time at night

8 weeks goals:

improve cardio
continue to gain muscle mass
continue to be on track with life and family

If you would like to send an encouraging message to any of these hard workers, please feel free via brenda@spiritfitness.ca or by leaving a comment at the bottom of each post. All encouraging comments only please.


Brenda and Rod
Spirit Fitness

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Up and coming, fun!

Hey you ladies and gents,
It's January 25Th - a whole month since Christmas and weeks since New Year's. Did you set any New Year's plans? Resolutions? Are you feeling lazy...or too busy? Well, like many - they were set and lost already! No way - we are in charge of our 'today' and lets make them happen. As we've said in the past; you create your reality. Spirit Fitness helps you succeed at acquiring your goals. We would like to welcome you to our monthly check in and announcements on Spirit Fitness and my blog, by signing up for online training and nutrition advice. Check us out at


Here, you sign up and Rod sends you a workout and cardio program according to your dreams, goals and desires in Fitness and Health and I follow up with check in's to your nutrition for a weekly review and advice. We are doing before pictures, measurements and caliper pinches and then posting them on our newsletter and Blog, with your goals for each check in date. This is a great way to have a support team, be accountable for your goals, and to have a team of 'helpers' along the way.
All you need to do now is sign up on line with us, write out your goals and desires and come over for a separate photos/testing. Current Spirit Fitness clients contact us for your user name and password.
What's it worth to ya? Let's do it.
Take this first step and the next; and learn what your body needs to be it's best!

Contact us today.
Brenda and Rod Coulter

Monday, January 15, 2007

Spirit Fitness Private Facility 2007

Wow - look at what one day of hours and hours of labor can do. Sunday morning did not look like this. We are operational Monday Jan 15, 2007. I have 9 clients coming today! We are so excited and I wanna thank Rod especially for all his Sweat and time. Love you, Rod. One Year after getting married and look at this....this life is amazing. Please enjoy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thinking of Competing?

Competing in Fitness or Bikini competitions can be so very rewarding. It is really fascinating to watch your mind and body transform. Knowing that it has been your desire, dedication and discipline that got you your results. Competitions also give you that extra 'edge' or 'goal' to strive for and keep you on track and see it till the end. Rod and I love to help people prepare for competitions and really help the client focus after it is all done to stay on track and be healthy and fit. There is nothing like getting ready for a show with the will power but, getting your butt on stage in a beautiful bikini and showing all your hard work and just 'getting up there' is like nothing else. It can be kind of freaky and very nerve racking, but you can do it. For some that is the hard part; but really-look at the past 12 weeks...now that was harder. Rod and I make the process fun, enjoyable and rewarding. We monitor your progress, teach you training and posing techniques and confidence that you can't just pick up anywhere. I have watched many girls come in shy and quiet and ask for help with training and not one week later are walking in to see us with their head high, their voice eager and excited and their energy screaming for more. It is intense and amazing. The transition is like no other. You have to try it to feel it and see it to believe it. I love watching the mental, emotional and physical transformations happen right in front of my eyes. A caution competitors have asked is “how they will return to 'normal' life after?” Our bodies want to store fat to 'recover' and for some unknown reason our minds want to 'binge'. Rod and I will constantly help you through this process so it's not so overwhelming. We will also continuously remind you that what you look like on stage is not how we recommend you remain year round. We feel adding some healthy fat back on the body is essential.
Check out some websites, ask us tons of questions and 'Just Do It'.
Enjoy the process.